Excellence in contract logistics

We provide value for the entire supply chain, through the comprehensive logistics management, on an specific basis for each market, and with the integration of all processes, including warehouse, transport and value-added services.

Contract logistics to optimise the supply chain

Our contract logistics solutions provide the best advice and support for our clients’ logistics activities. We use infrastructures, technology and information systems which are adapted on an ongoing basis to the new trends and markets need.

We develop tailor-made solutions for all types of industries, and focus particularly on warehousing services and customised solutions for the supply chain. We follow and end-to-end management process, and accompanies our clients from production to distribution at the final point of sale.

Sustainability, excellence in processes, the ability to integrate, planning, customisation and integrity at our clients’ service

Integrated services throughout the entire contract logistics process

We cover the entire inventory management process in the contract logistics value chain: from services for the production line, storage, distribution and inventory management.



An integrated distribution network involving first-rate partners, with goods collected and delivered from production line to the point of sale.



We manage operations in a dedicated or multi-client environment, and always adapt to the specific requirements of the sector in which our clients do business, such as managing goods that require temperature controls, or other value-added services.


Inventory handling and management

Constant supervision of stocks levels, stock entries, cycle counts, quality controls and samples management.

Contract Logistics

Value-added services

These services add value to our clients’ supply chain. They are adapted to the needs of each sector and type of goods. We carry out all kinds of reworks, kitting, special handling, packaging management, labelling and assemblies, among other procedures.

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Why choose Contract Logistics services by LB Services Ltd


We study each client’s supply chain to provide tailor-made and value-added solutions that improve the efficiency of the overall logistics management process.


We have proven wide experience in sectors including retail, animal feed, fashion and sports, etc. We are also specialists in fast-pace distribution to large chains, direct deliveries, crossdocking and replenishments, among other areas. This experience means we can easily adapt to new challenges.


We are committed to provide an efficient and high-quality service, widely backed by the trust of our clients and based on the transparency in all our activities.