Customs Services & Global Trade Management

Global trade is a challenge to all businesses that seize the opportunity of growing in a globalized environment. With LB Services Limited, you can improve operating efficiencies and cash flows with the streamlining of the entire lifecycle of a global trade.

Trade consulting services to improve your business efficiency

Our mission of providing professional trade consulting services is clear. We focus on six areas to maximize regulatory compliance, minimize risk, improve supply chain efficiency and grown our client’s business:


Global Customs Brokerage

Regional, experienced, passionate professionals help your products to cross international borders around the world.

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Import Consulting

Focus on best practices in product classification, valuation, country of origin, country of origin markings, record keeping. It also helps you understanding import obligations, documentation, process and product requirements to reduce tariffs, improve compliance, and the ease at which goods are imported.

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Export Consulting

Focus on best practices, origin export formalities including documentation, inspection, certification, licensing and product specific requirements to ensure positive experience with your international clients.

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Supply Chain Security Consulting

Focused on mitigating security risks within your supply chain to better facilitate the secure movement of cargo. Participation in the global trusted trader programs will result in quicker customs clearances, less examinations and a more efficient supply chain.

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Duty Mitigation Consulting

Our duty mitigation consulting services start at the beginning and focus on product development, tariffs, and duty deferral programs (i.e. Free Trade Zones (FTZ), Bonded Warehouses, and Duty Drawback) available to help our clients to minimize their duty obligations and maximize their margins to grow their business.

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Trade Agreement and Trade Program Consulting (TATPC)

Focus on our clients products bill of materials, their sourcing activities and country of origin requirements to help them make informed decisions on where they source and how, in order to take full advantage or trade agreements to grow their business.

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Why choose LB Services Global Trade Management


Our clients compete and thrive in global international business across their specialized sectors and verticals and they choose LB Services Ltd GTM services to help them navigate import and export regulation in today’s dynamic and increasingly complex world of global commerce.


The LB Services GTM team are true stewards of trade made up of trusted, passionate professionals and experts in trade compliance, supply chain management, global business intelligence and international business who work in partnership with our clients.