International Supply Chain Management

Blending local knowledge and global expertise, with leading-edge technology and proven processes, to transform supply chains into competitive advantage.

Creating best-in-class Global Supply Chains

Through review, recommendation and implementation the LBS Logistics’ ISC teams develop resilient supply chains that are responsive to demand, integrating origin operations with destination logistics, to improve productivity, drive efficiencies and increase margins.

Dedicated International Supply Chain teams  coordinate activity across regions, on a common technology platform, with consistent processes and procedures, to support global operations and sustain international growth.

Critically, your ISC account management team is a constant commitment. Which means that from the sales process, through the supply chain audit, implementation and launch you have continuity in personnel, to build the highest levels of understanding and partnership.

Sophisticated technology, in our AcontaERP platform – conceived, created and supported internally – provides global visibility and control of the supply chain, from source to DC, store, or customer.

ERP solutions are entirely bespoke, to manage the most diverse and complex supply chains, driving down inbound logistics costs, with customisable modules including origin management, freight management control towers and destination management.

The integrated supply chain

LB Services Ltd International Supply Chain (ISC) solution is built on four foundations:

  • Local knowledge and global capability
  • Dedicated account teams to drive effectiveness
  • Proven processes and procedures
  • Leading-edge technology that is endlessly adaptable.

Global capability

LB Services Ltd integrates your origin supply chain with your destination logistics, eCommmerce channel management and store replenishment to improve productivity, drive efficiencies and increase margins.

Origin Services

  • PO Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Value Added Services
  • Consolidation/Load optimisation

Freight management

  • Control Tower
  • Route Optimisation
  • Carrier Management
  • Flow Management

Destination management

  • Customs and cashflow management
  • Port to DC operations
  • WMS/Inventory
  • eSolutions

Delivering competitive advantage

Providing best-in-class global  supply chain solutions, that consistently delivers value to our clients, is process led and procedure driven.

  • Supply Chain Solution Design
  • Engineering & Process Design
  • SKU Part Level Supply Chain Visibility
  • Flexible KPI Reporting

Regular business reviews focus on Value Delivery & Continuous Improvement


The PowerView difference

Technology is an integral component in effective supply chain management and our proprietary cloud-based system – AcontaERP – is an incredibly powerful tool, which provides retailers with complete visibility and control of their global supply chain.

What makes AcontaERP so popular with its users, is not just its customisable dashboards, or powerful reporting, but the ability of our account management team to mould it into the solution that meets each retailer’s unique set of needs.

And like the markets that our customers operate in, AcontaERP constantly evolves, to meet changing requirements and provide new or enhanced functionality including:

  • Additional system integrations
  • CO2 calculator
  • Inbound Calendar
  • Quoting Tool

AcontaERP Functionality

  • Pre-shipment visibility of orders
  • Simplified workflow from PO to destination
  • Access PO/SKU information globally
  • Shipment tracking by any criteria
  • Vendor management and performance reporting
  • Business rules based exception management
  • Customizable dashboard with 160 configurable fields
  • Dialog between origins, destinations and customers
  • Nominated participants gain instant access to shipments

Why choose LB Services Ltd’ ISC service


A global team of supply chain professionals, who are dedicated to individual accounts, with focus on reducing time to market, inventory and overall supply chain cost, to drive their customer’s margins up.

Focused on building long-term relationships and partnerships, account management teams are dedicated to nominated clients, from initial supply chain review, to develop the deepest understanding of their business and the solutions they require.


Successful supply chain review, design and management relies on experienced interpretation of data and effective processes.

LB Services Ltd works  with leading global brands and retailers, developing award-winning supply chains, that are resilient, flexible and adptable to environmental, operational and demand changes.

It is the right blend of expertise, relationship, process and technology that makes these dynamic adaptations possible.